What am I doing wrong here

I need to know what I’m doing wrong so I can correct it. I don’t know if it’s my autism or a negative symptom. Here’s a convo I had with a girl on online dating. She stopped talking after last line. This conversation you see below has basically happened hundreds of times with different girls. I don’t understand, I need to understand to try to break thru my MI.

Have u heard about the fat penguins?

No I haven’t

Well I heard they’re great at breaking the ice


What’s one thing I should know about you that’s not on your profile?

I’m a business owner

What kind of business?

How long have you owned it for? Has business been good?

It’s been good.
For 5 years

Do you have a business partner or did you start it by yourself?

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Conversation. Listen and respond to what is being said. One liners and jokes aren’t that attractive for most. Few people make a living as a comedian.

Example. What do you call a man with his ding a ling stuck in a watermelon??

A. Christopher!


Wasn’t I responding to what was being said?

I don’t know… I would have responded after you asked. It’s not like you were just talking about yourself; you were interested in the other person. Having said that, it might not hurt to provide a little about yourself, too. It’s a two-way street. I’d be even more likely to share if a man told me about himself too (without dominating the conversation).

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Try general stuff first. Business probably isn’t a thing people want to be asked about.

Hi. I’m blank. How are you? Let them set the conversation. I’m tired from work. Oh ok yeah that happens …what do you do ? Etc. It’s just like having a regular conversation but your keeping in mind that the internet chatting can be a little different.

Be yourself. It’s all practice so keep on it!


Sould I have told her about myself before asking about her business?

When I ask them what they do for work it ends too not long after

Just let it flow. It’s good to know these things but do the small stuff first. It depends on what is on your profile. If your a rocket scientist then it’s probably an easy thing to do…so what do you do? If your an aged disability pensioner then it’s not the conversation you want to be having straight up.

Establish the simple things. You get to Know the person from what they want to tell you. Just lead the conversation your way if your capable but as I say it all depends on your profile on dating sites. I’ve found that it’s a weirder dynamic these days.

I am having the exact same problem with my conversations on a dating site.

I have the same problem on tinder.
We match, and I usually message them saying “hey, we’re a match! Your profile doesn’t say much, would you like to tell me something about yourself?”
And they never reply

Are you a girl saying it to guys?

Conversation s to men?

I’m a girl saying it to girls, lol


usually they message me first and when I reply, they don’t reply

Don’t know only she knows. You got her to take notice, that’s good! Best of luck!

Yes I think that’s the way most girls are in conversation. But obviously most ppl have success so it’s gotta be due to my MI. How long has you’ve been trying on tinder? Have u ever had any success?I had success maybe seven times out of three hundred messages and six years haha.

Theres nothing wrong with what you said, its possible she got busy or that it just wasnt a match, which happens! Theres someone special out there for you. Thank God you arent dating the wrong woman


@Pikasaur. For some reason that sounds like how a bot would talk.

Sometimes the fake profiles do say something close to that

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