What age were you when you first started smoking pot..?

what age were you when first started smoking pot and what age was your first psychotic break?

The first time I smoked pot I was about 8. I only puffed like twice then I fell asleep. I didn’t smoke again until about 16. At 16 I smoked only occasionally like once a month. My first psychotic break I was about 19ish. After that I smoked pot daily for a few years. Then at 26 I quit. I haven’t smoked pot since except for last year during Halloween. I think it helped with depression but I don’t think it helps schizophrenia.

Age 14.
I didn’t smoke pot the first time I tried it.

I made it into a very potent edible.

It was the first time my mind had a major delusion that I died and my body was laying in my bed.
I was scared to go into my bedroom and see my body there. I was a spirit or something.

I was out of my mind.


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I was fifteen the first time I got high on pot. I was nineteen when I had my first delusions. I never really enjoyed pot. I smoked a pretty fair amount of it in high school because it seemed like every time I turned around someone was handing me a joint. I’ll never forget the first time I got high on Columbian weed. It was stronger than what we’d been getting from Mexico. When I was stationed in Germany in the army I smoked a little bit of the hash they had over there. I’m really glad they didn’t mess with the heroin. When I first arrived in Germany there was a lot of heroin, but they started getting the junkies out of the army. After a while there wasn’t much of that stuff around.

  1. G-13 hydro and the real purple haze. Used to drive into NYC and score it in an auto body shop.

I was as old as the universe
and I didn’t had to pay a fee
the pot was as old as the universe
maybe I was smoking me


(don’t remember really…)

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Actually if we’re talking “starting” like when I was actively searching for it and making it an habit, around 19, 20 years old, shortly after my first psychotic break.

The first time I tried it, that’s what I can’t remember.

Age 21, then smoked it regularly for years. Eventually ran into supply issues and started using the powder form of JWH-018. While weed could make me paranoid, JWH-018 would make me think I was having a heart attack and I’d be curled up into a ball on the floor but it wouldn’t stop me from doing it chasing that perfect high. I officially first heard voices at 30.

first started smoking pot at age 15. showed symptoms of mental illnesss at 13. first had psychotic type thoughts at age 17 and first psychotic break age 18, thats my timeline

Was 14. Only started regular use at the age of 21. Coincided with the onset of psychosis.

I have never even tried marijuana, so at the age of 49 I have never smoked pot.


at the age of 16. i was already a bit sick when i started smoking… i guess pot is not so good for schizophrenia…

I first got sick at 14, but I didn’t try pot for the first time until I was 24. My brother knew all the dealers in town and made it known he would take a baseball bat to anyone who gave me drugs.

once at age 13 but I didn’t feel anything. Again at age 17, started smoking a lot. Quit during my freshman year 18-19 years old, went psychotic during that time. Returned to my hometown and have been smoking on and off ever since.

I know cannabis can trigger first-onset psychosis, but, well it’s too late for me now and cannabis helps with my moods and ptsd stuff. I just deal with the paranoia.

Maybe if it was legal here in the uk I would smoke it again. As it stands the first toke and I am paranoid about the police kicking down my door. Not smoked in years.


14 but stopped then continued at 16 a bit then full on at 17 and at 18 I had my first break

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I took a puff or two when I was 15. It didn’t feel like anything. Then I tried it once again when I was 17. That’s all, only twice, but I wish I never tried it and it didn’t feel like anything anyway.

My first psychotic break was when I was 15 and I started smoking pot when I was 20