What age were you diagnosed

I was diagnosed really late. In my 30s. But suddenly my whole life made sense. I had been diagnosed as a young adult as having depression and anxiety.

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I became sick while I was 23 years old in 2001. I wonder if I was ill before also.

But I have been given an antipsychotic only at 36 years old in 2013.

We are now in 2017 and I still don’t know what my diagnosis is. I’m going to ask to my psychiatrist about that tomorrow.

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I was 28 when I was first diagnosed, but I knew something was wrong long before then.

I was diagnosed age 25, 6 months after I started acting a bit “off”

I was diagnosed around 30 years old. I was in school and working and in the national guard and had a boyfriend. Now I have none of that stuff.

I was actually considering the national guard one time, but I wanted to work on being an EMT first. that never happened…

21 years old! 1515

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28 when I started thinking everyone was out to get me.

22 in 2003.i had symptoms starting at 14 but the illness did not kick in until later.

one month before my 33rd birthday

Late too. Diagnosed at 29. Had a previous breakdown with major depression at 23. Walked away from that smoking weed…that was better than prozac for a long time…psychotic at 29. Hindsight is a wonderful thing…been symptomatic since a teenager…probably even earlier for sure!

I was diagnosed with psychotic depression at 18 and put on a bunch of APs that worked to varying degrees until I decided I was cured and went if all my psych meds. Then a few months later, right on time, completely lost my mind and any sense of reality. Many months in the hospital later I got the sz diagnosis at age 24. So, I’m not really sure when it started since the psychotic depression dx could have just been the beginning of the sz. But officially at 24.

diagnosed at 20.

27 years old…

Right after my 20th birthday yay just what I wanted to do right when I turned 20 was become psychotic and end up in the hospital wohoo :raised_hands: sarcasm

Diagnosed at 17. Although I still display symptoms and I’m psychotic most of the time, I might have been saved from inpatient thanks to my early intervention.

I don’t know.

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19 years old.Quite early

Some therapists are such hypocrites no offense but I told the therapist I was out of touch with reality since I was 13 and she said oh, that sounds pretty normal for a teenager. Then another time she said oh, teenagers are smarter than you think. they notice more than you think they would. But I never noticed ■■■■ as a teenager because I was so psychotic. I was in my own world . She didn’t want to give me credit for my 13-year-old psychosis that I had to deal with. I knew I wasn’t normal when I was 13 I don’t need a therapist analyzing my explanation on my mindset at 13 years old to know I was psychotic. But I wasn’t diagnosed till 20 I blame my teachers and guidance counselor for being so oblivious as I had very vivid intense delusions at that age already


I was diagnosed at 36.

My therapist first told me she thought i had schizophrenia when i was 22. I was diagnosed anywar later after an episode and hospitalization.