What age group do you most gravitate towards?

  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50s
  • Silver foxes and +

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Not necessarily physical attraction, although that might factor in. I’m curious what others think about the magnetism of certain age groups.

Me personally I tend to like people my own age and up, usually thirty to forties. Both personally and physically in the case of the opposite gender.

I’m not fond of younger people. I rarely identified with them when I was their age, let alone now.

age doesnt really define my relationships with people. i also think its silly to associate with people based on age.

i don’t really identify with anyone, so i dont know

people of every age can be judgemental and elitist.

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40/50. :slight_smile:

I voted 40’s because all my friends are in that age. But my chilhood best friends in another country are at my age and i miss them. I have friends in early 20’s and like them. So who knows?

I’m not fond of baby boomers. Don’t get me wrong, I love my grandparents. I treat elders with the same amount of respect as anyone else.

However I hate the fact that their generation ■■■■■■ up the world to complete disrepair. Then they have the audacity to ask millennials why we don’t buy a house and have babies and go to university. Smh.


Bang on. If baby boomers in Australia would stop buying investment properties and pushing the prices of housing up in capital cities, I might actually be able to afford a house in my lifetime. They’re greedy. But that’s a sweeping generaliasation and unfair on my part. Forgiveness baby boomers please.

I find I probs get along with people around my own age a bit better. I’m 36. @anon20613941 is the same age and we;re BFF’s.

I used to have a friend who is 15 years older than me and we were really close but he turned into an asshole) when he wasn’t single anymore.

People in their forties I get along with because my sisters are in their forties so I relate to them with music and pop culture references.

I lik younger people because they teach me things. I have six nieces and nephews ranging from 9 to 25 yo and I get along really well with all of them and find areas to relate to each of them individually on.


Any and all. I like the cricket club. You meet and play with all ages from 15 year olds up to 70’s. You also meet the families etc so it’s a broad thing. I still have half a dozen friends around my own age I’ve known since highschool and I’m good friends with our groundsman who’se like 72. Too hard to narrow it down!

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I have two friends from high school I’m really close with . But they both live in Brisbane and I’m in Melbourne so we text a lot.

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Being single, I do like 20 somethings who don’t have families yet. other than that I like 40-60’s, prime of life people with experiences of their own.

more important than age is shared interests imo

I’m definitely most attracted to the very elderly and have been all of my life. I worked with the elderly as a nurse in my young years and I live among the elderly today and I am and always have been very happy in these situations.

I was born on the very tail end of the baby boom and I don’t even consider myself a baby boomer. We were more of the disco generation. Something the hippies (baby boomers) definitely were not about. We voted for Reagan. The baby boomers did not. They were all liberal and anti government.

Anyway, I agree with you, @valiumprincess, that the baby boomers screwed up the world.

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That’s sort of complicated. I actually get along with almost all age groups excepting tweens (who I simply don’t like to be around, I probably could get along with them if I tried) and for whatever reason middle aged people. I am so awkward with middle aged people for whatever reason there’s just no connection there at all. I think the age groups I am most comfortable speaking with are children and old folks. Though all my friends are my age.

So I don’t really gravitate to any one age group, but I do gravitate away from certain ones lol.

As for physical attraction I am most attracted to guys in their 30’s. (Despite this the guy I like right now is my age :sweat_smile:)

I’m 27, and I prefer hanging with people age 25+.
I don’t have anything in common with (most) teenagers and people in their early twenties.
People can say what they want, but younger people do seem to have other priorities, world-views, and less consequencial understanding, possibly due to the brain not yet being fully developed. Or maybe a lack of life experience, who knows.
All I know is i rarely get along with young and/or immature people, so I’ve stopped trying to hang out with them.

That doesn’t mean I’m not friendly or respectful towards them, it simply means I no longer feel like I have time/patience to get sucked into their drama.

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I gravitate towards people my own age, but my one friend that I hang out with is 56 yrs old. I am 39…I still enjoy hanging out with though.

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I mostly associate with people 50-65 years of age (I’ll be 54 soon).

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I like people my own age. I am a Generation Xer.

Mid forties. Okay late forties this year LOL.

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I can get along with most people, but would not want to hang around with people way younger than me. I’m alone 99% of the time and have been for years, so no real idea of what its like to be in groups of people. My social skills probably suck.

Growing up I gravitated toward people at least 10+ years older than me, but as I get older that gap is shrinking. I don’t think age matters as much as personality and maturity. And hard pass if you’re so old that you’re a racist/homophobic/bigot.


I don’t care. Also gen z are nihilistic so I have to be hard on them cuz that’s the only language they understand

I always seem to get along with toddlers, they are so full of wonder for this world. And I cherish their trust and innocence.

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