What advice would you give when it comes to struggling with real life?

I’ve been in and out of feeling motivated and especially when it comes to responsibilities, I have troublesome days where I’m REALLY overwhelmed with external stimuli (primarily sights and noises it seems), which holds me back and I can barely keep myself emotionally stable during.
Yesterday it happened, my mom told me to stay home from work while I was breaking down.
I wish for this to not happen again and does anyone have advice or suggestions on how to ride through it better where it’s not debilitating?
My family thinks I need my dosage on my medications upped, which I think would help.

I never had a stimulation/sensory issue until I began losing control of my mind too.

I feel that way less now than I used to, but the feeling is just as intense. It’s like panic and the “flight or fight” response kicks in…
Sometimes I have to call in sick to work and stay locked up in my house. But sometimes I make myself go and do. Sometimes I’m in a situation at work or just out and I feel totally overwhelmed by everything. In the same way, I either have to remove myself or I have to push myself… Every single time I push myself to do something, I live through it.
Push yourself more. These things that feel overwhelming will be more manageable over time.