What advice would you give to people newly diagnosed with schizophrenia?

Hey guys as above, i have had schizophrenia since 1995 when i was twenty years of age, it has been a long hard road, but never give up hope, things can get better quote from charles bukowski in the morning it was morning and i was still alive!


Accept the diagnosis. Change the way you think. Be super goal orientated.

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I think i went back in time and adviced me to learn meditation. Just breath in and breath out.

I would tell someone to stick with medication. The medicine might not be right for you now, but it’s better than no medication at all, I think. It depends, sometimes medicine can be bad, but you have to keep on trying until you reach the right type and amount. So don’t quit easily.


“Put your seatbelt on because it’s going to be one bumpy ride”


I would tell them, “take your damn meds!” You might not like them, but they are necessary.

I would tell them to not see it as the end of their lives. I would advice them to just have proper insight and have healthy coping skills to make the illness bearable.

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Do your own research on the meds you are taking, interactions and side effects, doctors don’t give a d*mn. And yes just take your meds.

Take meds or die lol

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I’d just say things will take time. The path will be long and have many twists and turns but you’ll find your way.


LS! Beware of suicide and do not smoke or use drugs.

Always take your meds call doctor or nurse if things get worse. There are call center if you are in need . If you feel suicidal go to hospital asap.

It’s not the end of the world, life goes on.
Take your meds and cooperate with the doctors.
With some luck, and support and hard work you can still have a life.

Newly diagnosed have trouble with acceptance of the dx, so five stages of grief:

A lot of people will tell you what your limits are. Most of them are not only wrong, but wildly so. Find out for yourself what your limits are by pushing them as hard as you can. You will likely be pleasantly surprised.


Patience you need. Time for recovery it will take.

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Don’t confuse your fear of failure for a lack of skill.
Don’t confuse “won’t” and “can’t”

The first six years I was sick I thought it was a conspiracy and I thought there was nothing wrong with me. No advice would have helped.



One of My Strongest Failures Was Lack of Trust. (I Still Battle Daily).

It’s Easy For a Professional to Ask Someone Unfamiliar With The Illness to Trust Them.

It Goes in Levels of Finding Ways to Defeat That Dark Void of Self Destruction.

Now I Still Look at The Professionals With Slight Weary Leery Eyes.

It Always Falls into The Lap of Intentions.

If One Can’t Discover Faith in The Government, That is a Step Above Those We Speak to. All in The Medical Field. Then it is Easy to Walk Away & Endlessly Go into a Pit of Despair.

Which Only, Carefully, Silently, Invisibly, Leads us into a Empty ‘Downward Spiral’.

And Sadly, it’s Easy to Blame All Who is Trying to Lend a Helping Hand.

But!, it is a Very Fine Line to Walk Upon. Trust isn’t Easy For Anyone Who Has Been Hurt Very Seriously. Be it Physical or Psychological.

But!, Those Who Give us Meds. Those Who Speak With us, (Therapists & Psychologists). And Even When We Are Sent to a Facility For Personal Reasons. Can Be Well Trusted.

Afterall, We Do Get to Go Back Home Don’t We?.

So. Trust The Advice From Those Easy to Not Trust. Be it Anyone under The Medical Field.

For When You Finally Do.

That Sphere of Fear Will Slowly Evaporate.



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I was gonna start by saying don’t forget to breathe, breathing exersize and meditation help you take back control ect… then I realize the first thing I did was search the word schizophrenia. year’s passed before actually coming to a state of acceptance.
Keep learning not just about mental health but, about the brain in general. try something new each day to keep your amigdala/frontal lobes stimulated it’ll help stave off anxiety and depression. it can change you, so be prepared to get to know yourself all over again.