What about sexual dysfunction?

Just want to know what can we do for sexual dysfunction cause by antipsychotic and antidepressant?

there are some supplements you can take like Maca root.

maca root didnt work for me or any herbs… I take invega antipsychotic

I dont exactly have dysfunction, but I have trouble reaching orgasm. It’s actually a good thing, girls dont like when you finish before them, they can have wave after wave of orgasms while guys just have one and then lose their erection. I eventually do reach orgasm, and by then my partner has verbally expressed satisfaction, to say the least.

But someone on her mentioned viagra on a separate post…and I assume that viagra would work. If I took viagra, I would probably end up in the ER for having an erection for 6 hours. I remember one of my friends took a viagra on accident at a party in high school (must have thought it was something else) and it was hilarious, but after three hours we started to worry that he might need medical attention. Luckily, he didnt. LOL

actualy i managed to get an erection for 7 hours or more just by eating raw onions .and the good thing is there is no crash after that .try doing that on viagra and you will get a crash for round about the same effect.
the other thingviagra can cause heart attack but onions can save you from one .there is some belief that
oniona i.eraw worlk on the same principle as viagra i.e nitric oxide

Cellucor (bodybuilding supplement company) sells nitric oxide capsules. I used to take them, go lift and then well yeah use my willy, and my willy was far from nilly, it had overcome stage fright and was even acting silly and had the IQ of the average hillbilly.

I mean nitric oxide gives mad boners and you can buy capsules of it from GNC

raw onions make me cry

not out of sadness, just because they have some chemical in them that does that

by the way, an erection for longer than 4 hours can permanently damage your willy

Onions for an erection cool.

7 hours! that would be outragaeous lol

ive taken generic viagra , it gives me sinus problems but it works

You’d smell bad. Who wants to have sex with someone who smells like onions?

it can do damage depending on how it happens people who do it by using viagra experience lot of side effects

including heart attacks and damaging their willy .those who take onions find themselves strengthened

If my mrs loves me like she says! Would onions matter?. True tho mate in all seriousness smelling of onions wouldn’t be smelling of aftershave.

maybe you can take some mint after onions whereas if you take viagra you may not live for another sexual encounter

I think that my sexual problems stem from the fact that I have high prolactin levels and low testosterone levels - I really want to find ways to raise my testosterone levels naturally - Risperdal really messes with your hormones

zinc can help a person raise testeterone levels naturally . non vegetarian sources are more bio available than vegetarian .or you can take a 30 mg capsule preferably of picolinate or gluconate or sulphate form .

raw onions helps a lot in the herbal category . i will interact with you regarding this a liitlle bit more

Don’t take the meds. That simple. The longer you are on them, the higher the risk it becomes irreversible.