What about McDonald's prices

Basically one McDonald’s meal costs 7.99 euros, 10.4 dollars. This is a very simple meal: one bigger hamburger with few fillings and French fries. It is just too expensive, which is why I never go to McDonalds. I know that in the US McDonald’s meals are much less expensive.

I haven’t been near a McDonald’s in almost 10 years. I’ve always gone to “roach coaches” only now they are “food trucks” and they are all upscale and posh on wheels.

Now they serve organic food and fresh stir fry and have seating??? It’s a big thing in Seattle.

The iron pig drives around and sells slow roasted and toasted sandwiches about 3-5 dollars each.

This one does organic food and amazing strawberry crepes 5 bucks for breakfast

All about the soup. This one is the best for soup with fresh bread, about 5 bucks as well.


Basically one McDonald’s meal costs 48 old Finnish marks. 20 years ago one could buy food for many days at this price. People just do not understand this.

A good idea you have there.

I haven’t been in one for ages . They are always too busy and too crowded inside.

When I was a little kid my family did not have much money so going to Jack-in-the-Box was a big treat.This was when you went through the drive-thru you placed your order to a big Jack-in-the-Box head. I never understood why they took those down. Oh yeah, back then a hamburger cost 29 cents.And it was bigger than it is now.

I remember the time Mcdonalds got busted for selling kangaroo meat in their hamburgers, but claimed it was 100% pure beef.

Two all-beef patties
special sauce
On a sesame bun.
Yeah right…I don’t eat fast food much, if at all anymore.

In ‘n’ out burgers are only $1.95

LOl. In high school in my physics class we had to do different experiments and some of them involved using an atomic timer. It was kind of like a kitchen timer but it measured time in 1/10 seconds. We used to time ourselves to see who could say that Big Mac thing fastest.

Did you win?

For some reason I can recite word for word many of the '70’s commercials and TV show tunes.
Right now I can’t help but sing that “Frito Bandito” commercial.

This is what I ordered four months ago.

  • 1 Chili McWrap
  • 1 medium Mocha
  • Medium fries. :fries:

My total bill came to $11.07 :astonished:

Burger King

Tendergrill chicken combo meal- $5.75

I yi, yi, yi,yi: I am the Frito Bandito.

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And this: One whole, 5 lb, chicken sold in most super markets: $6.00. One can of corn: $1.00. A quart of milk: $1.50.

Six slices of bread: $1.50 . Butter: 50 cents. Can of pork & beans: $1.50 Dessert: box of sugar-free instant butterscotch pudding: $1.50.
Total: $13.50. Feeds three people for one meal and you can eat off of the leftover chicken for three days. And you can make the pudding last a couple days. And it’s a fairly nutritious meal.

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Double cheese burger.

Spicy mcchicken.

2.00 dollars

It’s all that i get there if i have to go there.