What about a timeline of Biblical historical events?

I thought it was funny in Cowboy Bebop they had the Columbia space shuttle remodeled to fly again and then like a year after that episode aired the shuttle actually exploded IRL and that show takes place like 500 years in the future and my first thought when I heard it exploded IRL was “oh ■■■■ Cowboy Bebop is no longer historically accurate”.

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I’m happy for that monkey

Monkey: 1. Dipshit family: 0.

i’ll give you a few nuts if i see you haha

Damn skippy. Skippy as in peanut butter. See what I did there?

do you like bananas? just wondering :banana:

My mom used to eat canned cat food and went on about how good it tastes. I tried some and just no.

My nickname was “monkey” growing up because I ate so many bananas. I don’t know why it happened, but I now have a mild allergy to them. The inner ear canals itch when I eat them. I’ll stick my finger in my ear and dig, to no avail. Doc said some people develop citrus allergies as they age.

Holyfuckingshit. Do not want.

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dinner at your house lol

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i like bananas :banana: :banana:

Not anymore I don’t live with her anymore and praise the bearded magic man in the sky for that because I like to give him credit for all the hard work I actually did myself!


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