What about a timeline of Biblical historical events?

The most complexed timeline I have ever done.

then i was born haha jk

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Where’s my date of birth in all this?!?! I am an epic addition to history. :grin:


That was what I thought, but the doctors say it’s delusional so shhh

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Bunch of party poopers - the lot of 'em.

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The year I was born was pretty bad for humanity. That shuttle exploded, Chernobyl exploded, I was born.

Shuttle was 1985 and Chernobyl was 1984. Right?

Schizofriendia was born twice :scream:


But s/he only dies once. I object to the cosmological order of all this.

And only lives once too… the evil plot twist

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I have no witty elaboration. I got up at 5:30, and I’m still clearing the cobwebs out. Now it seems I’m the party pooper. I think this thread is sufficiently derailed. Yargh! (wags finger at self)


Thread derrailment successful, our work here is done.


maybe i will come back from the dead one day as well lol

I hope not. The world will be set afire by a second daydreamer existence. :stuck_out_tongue:


Derailment is okay…:mountain_railway:

choo choo haha :steam_locomotive:

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maybe we can all come back from the dead haha

Both were 1986 I thought. I might be wrong about the shuttle but I know for a fact Chernobyl exploded in 1986 because I meticulously researched that disaster to make a music album about it.

I sure as hell hope not. I’d like to return as a capuchin monkey. Monkeys be da shizznit. I was listening to the radio yesterday, and the guy said he took his family to a zoo in North Dakota. Well, his feisty kid fired a rock at a monkey. The monkey took offense and threw back a turd bullet, hitting the wife in the back of the head. Oops! I have no idea how this relates. I’m babbling. Again.

You are 100% correct! Both in the first half of 1986. I checked it out on wikipedia. I stand corrected. :grinning: