What about a sculpture thread?

A sculpture you like. Any period, culture or style.

Below a recent work by Maria Rubinke.


Very nice! 22222

It’s true thou… It is

Why don’t u chop it off n put it in a museum then :smiley: jk

I liket to think about it symbolizing trying to understand the head including strcuturally unemployed shaman condition

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Are you aware about Rudolph Tegners museum in “north zeeland”? The sculptures are very vulgar, teutonic, but it should bequite a trip visiting his museum placed in the middle of the idyllic scenery of the north of zeeland. It takes two hours from where you live.


That statue is epic!!

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Sounds (more than it looks :sweat_smile:) cool. Actually I’ve got nothing against monunental sculpture. Everyone is supposed to hate the Palace of Culture in Warsaw, but that’s insanity and the sculptures are communistically bizarre

Maybe you’re thinking of something along these lines

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