What a prat?

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Get off the internet dating scene ish, seriously

My coworker friend wrote this

oh…that’s so nasty…???@anon80629714

It’s the same guy I went to meet

It’s just an internet perv. It’s full of them you know. Stop talking to him


Trying really hard to. And I feel like ■■■■ talking to him but for some reason this just feels right thing to do.

Because initially he seemed to be a nice person when I met him

If you want to, you don’t seem like you want to have that kind of conversation. Some people are okay with it, you obviously are not. He seems like a perv and you shouldn’t be wasting your time with this.

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Trust me ish if he is sending you ■■■■ like that he is only after one thing. I have met guys who can seem so nice and considerate but in the end just want sex.

He sounds like a downmarket version of “smoove b”

Some men are experts in making a girl feel like ■■■■, but also making her feel like she should keep talking to him. He is manipulating you. His goal is to have sex with you and then never speak to you again until the next time he wants sex. Some girls are okay with this arrangement because they like casual sex. You are not one of those girls. If you try to make yourself okay with it, you will do something that you will live to regret. Stay true to who you are, and ignore this guy.

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Go down to your local grocery store. Buy something. Pick the cutest guy cashier. When he’s done with your order, ask him what time he finishes his shift and ask him if he’d like to go for a drink.

This way you are in charge.

You need to get laid badly, and that’s cool. We’re all human with needs and desires. If you hit on an employed guy, chances are better that he’s had a background check and he’s on the up and up.

And STOP the internet hook-up $hit!!

But just do it on your own terms, and use protection. It’s your first time. You need to control the parameters.

My 2 cents :sunny:

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your lucky he didnt send you a pic of his wotsit lol

Your coworker? Yeah I think you should stop talking to him, that is harassment and wildly inappropriate. It’s one thing when people want to have anonymous dirty talk in chat rooms online to get their jollies off, but this is your coworker. Serious boundaries violation.

No her coworker replied to the guy for ish. It’s just some guy from a dating site.

Oh I misunderstood. I was like wtf.

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Ish has been told by her medical team to stop this behaviour until she’s stable.

Yeah I know. Every time I try to throw my 2 cents in I get the impression that I get taken the wrong way / don’t communicate what I’m trying to, so I will butt out. But I just thought she meant that was her coworker and was concerned she was getting sexually harassed at work, but I misunderstood.

I’m trying hard to battle with my mind. But I feel like I’m failing. I need to be on these meds ASAP

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