What a nice commercial?

Or not…

WARNING: Some graphic images in that article.


I saw a Pete and Gerry’s Organic “free range” Eggs commercial and thought it looked nice. I mean they even got a certified stamp for being “humane”. I should be able to buy those eggs without guilt, right? Nope.

Don’t be fooled if you care to purchase products from companies that sell the idea that they’re “humane”. Comericals are made for the purpose of getting buyers. Which really wouldn’t be a problem if it were done with integrity.

I know there are people out there who don’t sell eggs that are produced in these conditions but they are pretty small in number. I don’t even know of any either.

Either way it feels like it’s harder to trust any commercial you see on TV that paints a pretty picture.

Taken from the above article:

“Millions of chicks die enroute of starvation, dehydration and terror. Despite the factory-farm connection and total inhumaneness, Polyface owner Joel Salatin speaks for the “free-range” lobby: “We small independent producers rely on that transport. It’s our very lifeblood.” He also says: “People have a soul; animals don’t…’

I think every pet owner or animal lover would vehemently disagree with that.

They most certainly have personality and preferences and easily express affection when given the chance.

My dog Toby never had to be told what a “kiss” was but somehow knew what we asked when we asked him to give us one. He never had to be taught or conditioned through treats to do so.

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