What a lovely night it was

We went out to this so called fancy restaurant.
It was so much fun.

I had salmon… I am afraid of ordering fish at restaurants because sometimes they stink, but another table had ordered so I ordered it too.

It was so much fun. Everyone is excited for my Halloween party. I have never laughed so much, one guy is really ridiculously funny. All of them have kids though so that is most of what the women talked about.

I could not take pics because of the window reflection but it was on 44th floor with an observatory deck. The view was beautiful.

Back home, I could not sleep. I slept at 5 am I guess and was sick all night. Now I need to get ready and leave for a wedding later.


Was it because of the fish ? :cry:

does fish give us insomnia? :frowning:
I had only half of it, salmon.

But I drank some alcohol and slept late and took my medication very late. :frowning:

I understand. I am sorry this happening threw a shadow on an otherwise pleasant night. I hope you have recovered well enough to be able to enjoy tonight’s event !(the wedding). Have a great time!

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I wish you all the best @mermaid1 may all your dreams come true, may you be healthy
and be satisfied with your life.

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Having fun is very healthy. I’m trying to learn how to do that without alcohol.

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