What a day

Walking through my house I begin to see the walls pulse, pulse like a heart beat. As I walk I start to see black hallways, I hear people screaming “help me!!!” In the distance. I see little light coming through the closed doors that I walk past. All of a sudden I am in this room on the floor in a puddle of water, hair all matted up and greasy. I’m wearing all white, I see little light coming through the door. I manage to escape this room, I have no clue how. As I am walking looking for a way out I see this big tall figure headings way, I turn to run but my feet want move off the ground. I feel his hot breathe against my neck, he smells like a burn pit. “I got you now!” He says. I start to scream for help but no one hears me, no one comes to save me. After struggling to get away I open my eyes and I am in my room, on my bed. I realized I visited another world outside my own.


Try a “wellness” brief for next time, it’s a “space diaper” for adults.:joy:

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Wow… Okayy. It’s not like I posses on myself.

Sorry, I’am just in a silly mood, that’s all.

It’s okay. I’ve been in a crappy mood all day.

i go travelling at night to different worlds , hells, heavens, the tree of life etc…mostly in a half dream, half meditative state it is quite interesting.
take care