What a Business Needs to Have Displayed Prominently to Avoid Lawsuits

“We will sometimes give inadequate service, our products will sometimes fail, you may get hurt if you enter our business, there may be times you see rodents walking around, the a/c or central heat will occasionally fail, our employees will sometimes be rude, crude, inconsiderate, have sexual fantasies about you, and may act out on those fantasies. We will try to not do that more often than we do however.” (while that is the real reality of all businesses would you go to a business that was that honest?)


Sorry, that’s not where I work at all.

Um, no. This is literally a crime.

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I’m not saying it’s legal or justified. I’m just saying that when you are dealing with human beings it sometimes happens. If your business doesn’t have it I’m happy for you.

No. That implies sexual assault is an unfortunate side effect of being human, as opposed to an active choice made by people who want to hurt other people. If a company hires a sexual predator, they should absolutely be held accountable for that person’s actions. Especially since a large number of predators are repeat offenders, and their previous crimes get swept under the rug by management who is protecting them.

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OK. I won’t argue any more.

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