We've got a foot of snow and according to the forecast there's no end in sight

It just keeps coming and coming slowly sometimes but surely. It’s been snowing since Christmas Eve because some small child somewhere prayed for a white Christmas and God said lol isn’t that adorable.

I can’t get my daughter home till this ends because the plows can’t keep the passes clear and the highways are shut down.

Crap, I can’t even get groceries.

But it sure is beautiful. And we definitely need the snow pack. Maybe this will end the draught.

We’re getting a small amount of snow, but a large amount of deadly cold weather.


We got a crap load of snow on Christmas, then an inch of rain that froze, then another 10 inches on top today. I tried to dig my car out but my shovel can’t crack the icy snow. My clubhouse is closed and I’m going stir crazy, but I ordered groceries to be delivered tonight so I’ll be okay there. The police sent out a message telling folks to stay home unless it’s an emergency. I’m gonna be stuck here a few days til they plow the lot and streets…at least I have my furbaby home again.

We got 2.6 inches today.

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