We've Found The Part of The Brain That Helps Us Say Words How We Intend To

When problems with this feedback system happen, it can lead to disorders including stuttering, autism, Parkinson’s disease, and schizophrenia, among others.


I can find no words to describe my thoughts on this article :stuck_out_tongue: .


Hee hee ! your comment left me speechless


I’m at a loss for words too…

Though I still remember this one episode of House MD where a patient was perfecly conscious and responsive but could no longer speak intelligibly (eg he tried to say “of course” but actually said “of golf” etc.) and they all looked at him so fascinated, especially House of course. I forgot what he had, but they eventually cured him.

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Hopefully they figure it out cause that’s y biggest problem, thinking of the words that I want to use to express myself. It’s actually scary how bad it has gotten for me.

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“I like farts.”

Has a nice ring to it.

Sir levels intelligibles