We've come a long way

I’m not saying there isn’t more to do, but a small incident opened my eyes to the fact that we’ve come a long way. I have some older cousins who have kids. My older cousin asked me to spend some time with and maybe talk to his daughter.

I ended up doing a bit of kid sitting last night. 12 year old girl. Has heard of me and met me a few times. Hadn’t seen her in a few years. Cool kid. I have 100% more patience for kids then adults.

She’s been reading all about schizophrenia and she just knows it all. So she started telling me about the meds I should be on, (Thorazine) and some of the treatments I should be in… (shock treatment) and the fact that I don’t fit any of the criteria in her book… from 1957. I started reading this diagnostic from 1957 and I just ended up laughing. I was able to turn her on to some more modern thinking and I was able to see how far we’ve come. It actually cheered me up. Imagine how far we can go in five years from now?

It was a very educational evening for the both of us… :wink:


You have come a long way also. Your cousin trusted you with his daughter and also felt like you could handle this type of conversation. :thumbsup:

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I went shoping for baby stuff for my Xls. Or my x step son"s new baby do in 6 months they need ever thing for the new one I am hope its a boy so the grand kids are even. Some times I feel that kids don’t listen but the remember well.

I didn’t even look at it that way… Thank you for that… I think I will thank him for letting me hang out with her. :blush:

The other positive… She’s grown up with Justin Beaver (???) she never heard of Ray Charles… now she has, but she likes Jerry Lee Lewis better… Whew…

I was just thinking… I might want to ask my cousin… her dad on an appropriate way to thank her for keeping an open mind and hanging out with me.

She made me smile when she saw the old vinyl records and said, “Wow, CD’s were so big in the old days” :stuck_out_tongue:

My parents have many old records players from us siblings in various corners of their attic and basement. I’m tempted to give her one with some of the Jerry Lee Lewis and other records. She was really taken with one of my sis’s favorite songs… “At last” by Etta James

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My kid sis has an iron clad memory. Stuff that people were sure she wasn’t paying attention too… she was. All channels were wide open. Kids absorb more then we adults ever give them credit for.

You have grandkids? Congratulations.