Wesley willis

Have you ever seen wesley’s videos on youtube?

They gave him a small recording contract, and it made my heart sink, it was just a big joke to them doing that. It was awful to see.

But he did make some extra cash and went on a shopping spree of sorts, that was great for him. If only he could have just gotten the money without becoming a spectacle to poke fun at by those sorry bass tards, i don’t know how he could have done that though, perhaps just give him some money maybe?

He went on howard stern, stern’s cackle about his music being repetitive was chilling. Just grow up already and keep your mouth shut next time, and ill try and do the same. It’s repetitive sure, but is that a joke in that situation? Nah, it’s not. It’s not even rediculous in that situation.

Poor guy was walking around with an “illuminati” t-shirt i saw, actually wore it with pride, im getting queezy for some reason.