Were you ever on a plane?

were you ever on a plane?

I did a poll on this! The results are surprising.

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I used to be a pilot. Flew airplanes and helicopters. I had about 3500 hours of flight time before I got sick. Been on several commercial airlines as well.

I am hoping I get my diagnosis changed to something non psychotic so maybe I have a chance of getting a medical again. But then there’s the problem of the meds too

I take 5 different prescription medications and the FAA wouldn’t approve any one of them. Much less all five together

But we can still dream right?


Been on all kinds of jets, bush planes used to fly with my job almost everyday

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I’ve flown on about a dozen commercial airplanes, mostly during my time in the military.

This is unique: I was discharged from the U.S. Navy while serving on an aircraft carrier, so I was catapulted off the flight deck in a cargo plane.


Flew to Saudi Arabia as a kid. Can’t remember it.

In my twenties I flew to Thailand via Germany. Don’t really enjoy planes. Flown to France, Greece and Portugal as well.

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Oh yeah I’ve been on a plane looooads of times. Too many to keep track of. Combination of moving a lot and having family that lives far away.

Many times. I too have family that all live far away. I think planes are so cool. Every time I see one flying over me I watch it. But on a journey all the waiting and crowded places definitely rile my mind up.

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My abusive ex is a pilot. The only thing I miss about being with him is flying. When we got divorced, I had to move 800 miles away to be with my family. For visitations, I had to bring my son back to where his dad lived every other month. My son and I both had a lot of frequent flyer miles…
I love flying.

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Never been on plane…


Flown on commercial planes a few times for interviews. I’ve also flown in little single-propeller Cessnas, for skydiving. Just never landed in a Cessna.

I am afraid to fly any more. I hear a plane crashing in my room every night.

Yes. I flew once in the military and a couple times for conferences while in college.

I use to fly regularly. I have been to several places in the US and to 3 different countries. I have even flown first-class several times. I am a broke-azz beeotch now, tho! My SS check definitely isn’t gonna’ sponsor any travels for me.