Were you embarrassed by your parents?

And then come to realize that you are an embarrassment to them, as well.

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Never embarrassed no.

Yes. Though I’m not gonna say what my dad did.

No not really, admittedly my mum does not always treat me like I am 31 years old though.

Not really, people really look up to my parents. I think I’m more of an embarrassment

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When I was a teenager I never brought friends home. House was too clean. I couldn’t relax and my friends were slobs like me. Embarrassed? Not sure to call it that.

But when I went into the 1st psych ward I kinda became the shame of the family. No one else in the extended family ever knew, except my Gran on my Dad’s side. Parents definitely were embarrassed by their daughters’ mental illness.

The good news is that once I got into my 30’s my parents and I grew closer than ever. Not like best buddies, but we liked each other by then. Love is a given in families but when you like each other it’s kinda cool.

I still don’t like my sister though.

And she don’t like me!

Ya beacuse when I get cured I won’t get productive

Not really embarrassed by my mother, but embarrassed by her car. She drove a Triumph Herald in the 70’s when all my friends parents had cool cars. I would hide crouched down in the back seat so no one could see me. Now that I am older and looking back - it was quite a cool little car after all.

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Oh yes indeed. 15151515

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