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Here’s me right now.
Pictures online.


Hi Daze! How is life?

U look pretty decent in this pic…!! Awesome…!!!


Hmmm been emailing family most of the morning.

Hillary won Clinton davenport ames cedar rapids dubuque

And trump comes to my state to thank all of us
Said he won nearly every county here

Our governor new ambassador to China? ??


that feeling when the sexiest man alive says that your picture is pretty decent. :slight_smile:


I like to connect honey

Idk probably too much

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Yeah it’s sickening. But there isn’t much we can do. How are the kids doing?

Aw fail…151515151

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Our governor only did managed health care for disabilities and big tax cuts for his donors

Spells economic disaster

Plus he promised 200,000 new jobs

Never happened

Businesses 60 minutes can’t be sued
For discrimination

Even worse coming up
Who did they gas first?

Nice photo @Daze :slight_smile:

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Where’s you?


Who me?
Too paranoid to post my photo :relieved:

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