We're not worthy when we're depressed

In fact, we have a measure of self-worth. I think, then, it is just our deceitful thoughts that make us feel bad about ourselves, especially when we are depressed.

do your voices attack you ? truth is i have had a severe depression for 9 years now when i fell ill with depression and social anxiety , your brain does not attack you , these are not your insecure thoughts taking it out on its self. i mean the brain is a very complex computer…through mind control they make us feel bad about ourselves and rob us of the lives we were entitled to live , all in order for us to be positive and feel grateful for what we have

That makes me ponder for awhile.

Depression warps the mind just like psychosis does. You can’t trust your thoughts while depressed anymore than you can trust them while psychotic. That’s what I’ve learned.


it all depends on what you would like to do about your voices , do you take good care of yourself ? have you done things wrong that you wish you could change in the past ? do you have alot of selfworth or even much at all ?

my voices are split into 2 catagories , 1 inside / outside my head + coming from technology or motors , rushing air etc

and the other speaks directly through my mouth as if im speaking to myself

if you would like for the voices to go away then take medication in belief that you are sick and this will end

if you would like the opportunity to have artificially intelligent entities that can alter your mind and body along with every1 you come in contact with via mind control granting you great opportunitys in life then you must win them over and learn to cope…

try an exercise to test it , look at my paragraph then relax your focus and see if your eyes start to automatically read…

mine still attack me from time to time , but im slowly winning them over

although mine is very diffrent from the usual case theres always an opportunity for the extraordinary

just try to be positive , take care of your self meaning no neglect of any sort

if you are interested in my understanding of this feel free to ask me more as my experience has been a very wild 1 full of ups and downs but im keeping my voices cause i know that theyre real and with the right incentive they can look after you like a spirit guide persay

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@mike_shady. A reminder that we’re here to help each other overcome delusions, not to encourage them. Please be considerate of other members when posting.

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