We're animals of captivity

By our own device? I’m not sure.
Somebody once asked me “Who’s the boss?” and I answered The cow."


I think it’s where being negative comes from.

Is that like the sacred cow?

No, I don’t know anything about sacred cows. It was a little off subject to mention them. Bad Segway.
I meant from conception on, we have to do what we’re told whether we like it or not. Thus the feeling of being a captive.

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Long time ago in 1987 I had a girlfriend who always said people are animals, but we are humans, very complex humans. I am sure she has learned this already.

Read something once in The Life of Pi. This is as close to quotes as I can get it (it’s somewhere in the middle and the book is pretty thick).
“As a zoo keeper’s son, I would say animals living in the zoo are like people living in their homes. You don’t just run into someone’s house and they are eating dinner, shove them all out into the street and yell ‘You are free now! Run wild!’ you would be put in jail. Animals see their cages in the zoo like humans see their home. As their’s.”

I do not agree. Humans can leave their house any time,but animals can not leave their cages.

Not really. Try to move to Japan on your own, without consulting the governments, the banks, your doctor(s), your family, or anyone! It wouldn’t really go down well I don’t think.
But what I failed to embody with my comment was that the animals in the cage see the cage as their home. Just like we see our house as our home.
They have marked their territory, established their rank in the pack, established who is their friend and who isn’t.
We pay our rent, go to our jobs, raise our children, have social gatherings.
It’s the same. We can either hate the system that we live by, or like the monkey in the exhibit, get comfortable and try to enjoy our lives (and fling poo).

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to beautiful chordy,
you are so abstract !?!
take care

At a huge family gathering right after getting married, my brother-in-law and his wife were grilling me about when were we going to start having children. Horrified, I said never. Everyones eyes focused on me when they asked in a very unfriendly way “why not”?
I said “I don’t breed well in captivity.”


I’ve heard that a reason not to get married is better sex.
Marriage began with the idea that a man had to conquer a woman.

Nothing wrong with being conquered :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:hehehe.
Being married means never having to wait for the test results (as long as neither “stepped out”)

The reason not to get married is because you can’t/wont commit to one person.

you are all a part of “the matrix”, minus the futuristic setting and technology. your prisons are a psychic one. a spiritual/psychological one. the world of man is “the matrix”. the ignorant are slaves. cogwheels in an inhuman machine driving them in a course they do not know. the blind are still leading the blind. the walls of man’s prison is language, knowledge, reason, and hypnotism. man is given a “magic circuit”: the inner-dialogue. it is “the deceiver” (don’t interpret that as a living thing). a man, when deciding a course of action, tries to do so with language; with “thoughts”. while the matrix does require this type of thinking, nature does not. that is why conquered tribes-people such as the aboriginals and the blacks of north america. both were conquered peoples, who are “unproductive” because of racial memory. their perspectives are being handed down, to be diluted, until they “get with the program”. this seems to take half a century.
the “magic circuit” is like an operating system, where you’ve been taught a certain language, and taught associations between specific ideas and feelings. the building block of all of this, are the words.
a man should not be thinking with another man’s tools. he’s capable of instantaneous question-answer understanding, for any question. it is the reasoning process that removes him from this automatic understanding. for every word he uses, the fails to see that the answer was already there, and the words remove him from the wholeness of it.
watch “the matrix” if you haven’t. it’s the closest analogy for man’s current reality put to screen that i know of. the first movie of the series is the only one worth seeing.