We're all in this together

If you believe in the oneness of life, you can curb your desire to reject people for various reasons. The idea is to correct people without rejecting them (us). That requires a lot but I think we can do it a little more every day.


Sometimes it’s important to reject people for my own health. I’m not sacrificing my own health

That’s right. We’re all limited in our ability to help one another. One has to be able to say “No”, too.

Yea and not accept their company. When they ask. That is rejection.

I’m obviously not gonna hang around with abusive ppl for instance

I was meaning more the rejection of ordinarily good people just because we have a bug up our butt.

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OK that wasn’t clear at the start and still don’t understand you either. Nvm

Yes. I have to work at making myself understood. I used to get called cryptic all the time. It’s better than it was. It’s from being withdrawn for so long.

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No worries Chordy…


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