We're all connected and I feel a bit infected

I love the sort of common thread that runs through human conversation. I do feel like the seasons seem to dictate the mood and hence the topic of thought.

In spring it seemed everyone seemed to have dating on the mind.

In winter more people in every corner of my life talked about physical health and stress

Last night I ended up going to my Sz support group for a while and I had to leave due to feeing ill. It turned into a “normie hate” festival. I can’t stand that. I’m very hesitant to even mention that here because I don’t want to infect this board with it.

But I just needed a place to syphon some of it off. That bitter radish with a pinch of dirt… mixed with sour grape flavor of icky… has greeted me when I woke up. I couldn’t even wash it off in the shower.

So in order to get the negative out of my stomach, I just needed to vent this off and sort ask myself… what is normal really?

I’ve decided to call the people in my life functional… it’s more obtainable… but I would never call them normal.

If it wasn’t for the people in my life who are more functional I could only imagine how badly life would have turned out. It was my parents who got me into hospital and avoided jail time when I had my very worst break. It was my sis who saved my life 6 years ago. It was my family again who advocated for the med change that got me back on my feet in back into life. I very much need people who are different then me.

I just don’t understand the hate. I understand the frustration and being irritated at people who don’t know and don’t care to try and educate themselves… but I don’t get the hate.

I sure can’t take the hate. It really makes me ill.

Thank you to all the people in my life who don’t have this illness and choose to learn and help and use patience and compassion. I love you all.

Thank you for letting me have the Whine with my cheese.


Hate is like an infection. It doesn’t matter what it is aimed at it, it hurts everyone involved. I’m sorry that your sz group caused this. Hating functional people will not help them recover. I too like functional better. I’m a strong believe in love trumps hate :purple_heart:


I was raised in a dysfunctional family unit - My mother was born with Major Depressive Disorder and panic disorder - she came from an abusive family, she loved my brother and I, but had a lot of emotional turmoil going on in her life at the time. My father has ADHD and is a very volatile emotional anxious person - he was constantly at work and spent very little time with the family - but he too loved his family very much. This is so true, what is “normal” who defines normal - I finally came to the conclusion that there is no "normal’ Everyone on this planet is going through something - has issues. We all deal with our issues differently. Television commercials especially like to define what “normal” is - many vulnerable people believe that what is shown on television is how people dress, behave, appear and live.
The truth is that what is shown on television is pure fantasy - people in the real world come in different flavors - there is no “normal” in my book, everyone is messed up in their own way


I’m thankful every single day that I have functional people in my life who are able to guide me, support me, love me, and inspire me.

I would never look at anyone more functional than I with even the slightest distaste. If anything, I look up to them and cherish them.

Hate is toxic. I’m glad you removed yourself from that environment!




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I really have no concept of what “normal” is except in a bit of a negative light. I find that normalcy in society is regulated by standards that cannot think outside the box on many levels, yet at the same time are willing to accept total garbage like the sex industry, pornography, and a variety of abuses…
I also had “normal” shoved down my throat in my younger years with the cliche of education and career, and you had to get a good job so you could get credit and pay loans and get a mortgage on a house…in other words a huge trap.

So I kind of rebelled and worked a bunch of different jobs, shut down a couple companies for environmental violations, saved money and invested in land…then went to college for a year just for the fun of it basically…then sold my land for profit and bought bigger land where i am now…worked self employment online for a couple years…built my house myself and have barely any bills or debt…

And some church people asked when i first moved here if I was working and when i said online they asked if I was looking for a real job ! WTF? That sort of ‘normal’ way of thinking is dumb…let those people slave 8 - 12 hours a day to pay their rent or mortgage…it’s a free country…I did things the way i did them and beat the endless cycle of what people think a normal way of living should be that includes work till age 65 and endless debt that you will probably leave to your children as well…

I’m not normal bashing people, but i do have issues with what some people think the idea of normal should be for someone else…


I don’t hate people who are functioning /don’t have mental illnesses, for want of a better phrase ‘normal people’, but i am wary of them. I think it’s because i got bullied by so called ‘normal’ kids.


I’m not sure about anywhere else, but in Louisiana law(which is different because of the Napoleonic code) you only inherit the debt of your deceased parents if you start paying it. Never pay their bills no matter who calls you or what they say.

As far as hating normals goes: I just don’t see other people as normals. I know that I’m different, but not because of any disease. I feel comfortable with myself when I’m around my family that agrees with me politically. Now I feel better about what I’ve accomplished(or haven’t accomplished), because I am ill. It proves that I didn’t spend my college years goofing off.

I’m not abnormal, and I don’t like to give anyone else the credit for being normal. I’ve learned this from experiencing people’s thoughts on issues through the Ok Cupid questions. You’d be surprised how many people are just crazy. They believe in eugenics, think nuclear war would be exciting, and other weird stuff.

“Gifties” is what the students at the nearby college called the gifted high school students at my brother’s school (it was a magnet school everyone was gifted). In turn the gifted kids called them normals. It doesn’t effect me as much because of this. It’s high school behavior to me.

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I was able to get rid of all my wifes debt and most of my Moms…except for her house bills and mortgage. that I got stuck with and no way out. She left me everything, house included…which meant lot rent, utilities and mortgage payments till I sold the place which thankfully only took 4 months but I only got half of what i wanted for it.
Things like medical bills and credit card bills were forgiven though…

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I’m glad it turned out okay for you.

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I think there’s - normal - but I hate myself sometimes for not stacking up.

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