Went to the psychologist today

First time ive been to a psychologist and not a psychiatrist.

Last time I went to a psychiatrist was in 2011 i was diagnosed in like 10 mins that i had bipolar and was sent out and recommended to take like 3 or 4 different drugs…yeah that was a negative experience.

so i went my own way.
I have fought the battle for a long time. and I need help now so thus is why I am seeing a psychologist.

she said its quite possible I have schizofreniform or schizoaffective based on what I have told her from the chronological order of the past 10 years of illness.
She is sending me to a psychiatrist for further evaluation.

She gave me some tracking charts for moods, symptoms etc…
and various other assessment forms to fill out.

atleast im getting somewhere. its gonna be a process!




My first reaction is to say, “Good luck”. But it sounds a little weird to wish schizophrenia on anyone.

But everybody knows that you have to get the correct diagnosis, for better or for worse, to be able to know how to be treated.

But it will be a relief when you get all this stuff cleared up.

Any bolting turtle news? Have a good night.


I last heard that a few turtles were Bolting thats for sure :blush:
Thanks Nick

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