Went to the fair

my partner and I took her little sister and her nephew to the fair in town. we had fun, it was a blast spent over 150 dollars on the kids. I couldn’t ride rides since i’m scared of heights and my weight and I couldn’t walk with them through much of it and sat down along the court house steps. my partner paid for them to play games and spent 20 on one dart game then 25 on another game. I just wish my ankle wouldn’t hold me back from spending time with people.

I did get paranoid though when I was sitting by the court house. I kept getting fragments of other 's conversations and I thought for sure they were talking about me.

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good, it’s always fun. At my town fair, the high school girls win the cattle showing,

I’m a little like, ok, they show and you show, but whatever.

We saw a talent show, and my son watched a guy talk about turtles in a baby pool.

Anyway, the kids will always remember it, good you took them.


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