Went to see mum

before i got my job, me n mum sorted it out that i was gonna stay with her in a hotel near the hospital and then go n see her every day while she rested

but i got a job and we arranged to just see her after the surgery.

i didnt have a lot of money so i did my best

she said dont come satday cos your dads coming etc but come sunday

so i went sunday i skint myself getting there and i had made a flask of tea but i had lost my phone s i could not phone the hospital
so i walked down the corridor to mums ward, but a nurse said are u ok where u going

so i said

she said oh the lady left yesterday (saturday)

well im devastated as you can tell cos i was like oh well everyone has my hubbys telephone number and everyone can contact me on twitter or fb

i didnt get a call or anything

im so upset

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Oh man that sucks. Sorry this happened. Sounds like something my mother would do on purpose.

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yeh i think she did it on purpose xx