Went To My First Vape Meet

I don’t really post on these forums a lot I mostly read since the forums switched. I read them almost every day. Since the forums have changed over I have quit smoking cigarettes and have been vaping e-cigarettes. The other day I went to my very first vape meet. It was a small little meeting, had between 20 and 30 people there and I knew nobody. I was very uneasy about it. I had that feeling that no one likes me, they think I am weird, but I overcame it and had a really good time. I just thought “Hey, I like vaping and they like vaping, so we all have something in common.” There was a little alcohol involved. I was the only one who wasn’t drinking since I am on meds. But we discussed coil building, and had a tornado competition, where we made the vapor look like a tornado. The best formed tornado won. I lost but still had a good time. After the meet I built a dual coil atomizer that is .25 ohms, and just puts out clouds of vapor.

My pdoc was right, it was really good being out among other people. I am looking forward to next months meet. It should be a little easier to go to. The best part is I went all by myself. I never go out in public without my wife with me. I feel safer that way, and she gives me signals if I am acting odd or out of place. But I went to the vape meet all by myself and did not have these cues from my wife, so I hope I acted okay.


I don’t know - I don’t like that word vape. It’s all about getting your fix. Vape sounds too upper middle class. What is the group for?

Hey @riddled, I’ve depended on other people to catch clues when it comes to being in public. Sometimes i miss social cues and mess up. But it’s good you got out among people.

I think that’s great! I find that socializing is key to my recovery, I was an extrovert before I was schizophrenic and now that I am recovered with meds (one pill away from shit crazy) I like being around people, being alone sort of drains me actually. Like today I have been with friends, my workout buddy, we worked out, my see all of the time friend, we got food, and now Im seeing a guy I met a club tonight. Busy bee. IM’ing a friend right now too. Yep, extroverted again, LOL

great to hear you went out to try new things. if we stay at home all the time, things may not happen

Congratulations on this… good for you. I hope you get to go again. This a very big step.

I go to work by myself and I go to the pool by myself. but I tend to take my kid sis every where else and lean on her for social cues. I’m trying to go out more by myself and flex my social interaction muscles on my own. It’s a learning process and it’s time for me to learn it.