Went to bed early. dentist appt. tomorrow...up all night now

I awoke to find something crawling on my hand and I flicked it off the bed but it scared me so much it made me wide awake. Now I’m drinking coffee and I have a dentist appt. tomorrow at 9 a m. Have to take my girlfriend to work at 4 45 a m Anyone else going to be up tonight?

I don’t know why I’m on this forum…it’s like I’m invisible.

I woke up an hour ago. Having my morning coffee. Whats up with you besides the not sleeping tonight thing?

hi Minnii ! I’m just listening to music on Spotify and drinking coffee and smoking what I’m hoping is my last pack of cigarettes. I want to have a lush Christmas with plenty of presents so I really need to stop smoking? What country do you live in again? I’m in Oklahoma.

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I’m in Portugal. Going to class in a half hour.

I’m reducing my cigarettes. Made a deal with @brucewillis that we would quit until new years eve. :smile: I’m trying, I’m trying. Not easy at all.


I tried to taper down. useless. I have to stop cold turkey today but I have nicotine gum just in case. I smoke two packs a day and it’s going to kill me I know if I don’t quit. good on you for going to school. You are quite an accomplished lady.

Yeah I’m trying, I’m doing well in some classes others not so much but I’m trying.

I wish I could quit cold turkey but it makes my anxiety unbearable.

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well good luck with stopping smoking! I will probably reach for the nicotine gum as well but I’m shooting for a short period of using the gum since I want to be off the nicotine as soon as possible. thanks for talking to me I appreciate it.

Thank you, good luck to you too. Have a good night and day, and get some rest also. Sleep is needed.

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hey @Minnii I quit before with nicotine patch. it was the easiest thing I did in my life. I have to quit too and I want to but I’m afraid of relapse… Last time I quit two years ago, I had a relapse that lasted 5 months!~

Yeah, I’m also affraid of relapse. But I have to quit, I’m tired of smoking.

Have you been to the dentist yet? Did it go well? :smile:

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@jukebox, I hate the dentist, and I also hate things crawling on my hand in bed-yikes! I have to ask, was there really something crawling on you, or was it imagined? I would say about 80% of the time for me it’s imagined. Anyway, hope the dentist goes or went well. You’re not invisible, and I appreciate you :blush:

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just got back from a day in the city. My brother goes “everywhere” when he’s up there and he bought me Vietnamese Pho (pronounced fah) and it’s my favorite soup !! I was kind of embarrassed to use the chopsticks with the slippery noodles. haha My brother told me I did it right.

The dentist is becoming my way of life until spring. I have had about 7 dental visits so far just to get periodantal cleaning and 3 cavities filled. Now I have two gold crowns to go so that’s about 4 more visits to the dentist.

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good luck :four_leaf_clover:
take care :alien:

I just realized I didn’t answer your question about the spider. this house is old and spiders go hand in hand. I kill all I find. Yes, the spider was real. I felt something crawling on my wrist and by the time I started “field goal kicking” it off my hand with my other hand, I missed the first time, and then, boing…I flicked him to the wall really hard to kill him. He won’t be back. I have decided from this experience of such a rude awakening that I am buying a house clear kit my gf told me about. Should take care of anything else that might have got in. we had a crack in the door of air coming through for awhile and I patched that with weather stripping. thanks for asking. and it’s nice to be appreciated.


I’m kind of obsessive about spraying insecticide all around the outside of our house and the door frames and windowsills. We live in the mountains and get not only spiders of every sort, but the biggest ants I’ve ever seen, centipedes, and things I don’t even know what they are! :blush: Good luck with the dental stuff! Good for you for getting all that done! I’m long overdue for a dental checkup…

Yeah, I see what you mean about being fiesty with the bugspray. Honestly I put off my dental work for so long that’s why it’s taking so much work to get it all done. I thought they were going to tell me “they have to all come out”. but they said as long as I brush twice a day and floss regularly I can keep my full mouth of teeth.

I jukebox!
Good to hear you are taking care of yourself with the dentists visits, those aren’t easy for me to get to either.
I just wanted to say that I think of you often and how you’re doing.
((((Hugs))))) for you for certain!

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thank you so much @Csummers that means a lot to me because I think of you often too !

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