Went to a rock gig

I don’t know if my life is going well, maybe I have something really exciting once a year and live off of that memory for the rest of the year. Last Monday, I went to a rock concert that was really good, and that was the first exciting concert that I’ve been in maybe 9 years. That made me kind of inspired. It’s good to get your “rocks off” once in a while. Have you experienced something exciting recently?

The show:
Julia Holter
The Bohicas
Mystery Jets (My favorite)
Bloc Party


Glad you enjoyed yourself. It’s nice to get out occasionally

Sounds great. My last rock concert was 6 years ago when I saw Sheryl Crow. I would go again. We were about 40 feet from the stage. I guess my most exciting event lately was three days ago when I got a piece of popcorn out of my teeth that had been bugging me for a week.


I am going to a play Sunday, if it isn’t sold out.

Have fun. I enjoy plays…

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Sheryl Crow is great. I wish Pearl Jam would come to Japan. Popcorn popping out of your mouth :slight_smile:

Thanks. Music is great!

I’ve never been to a play, but I’m interested!

I’m sure there are local plays in your area. Especially if you live near a college.

I went to see Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch, and it was awesome.