Went to a church today

It is the Eastern Orthodox church in the forest, it is owned by a private individual, it was a nice trip …


Very beautiful!!!

I hope you received a blessing.

There were no priests, it is just a nice looking church that is open for the public in summer, people can go and see nice Eastern Orthodox icons.


Beautiful architecture and very ornate.


Ha. In Romania most of us are raised Eastern Orthodox, so this brings back a lot of memories. Have to admit, some of them were even nice.

Love the wooden structure, I participated in the revival of a similar wee church back in the day, they actually moved it on wheels to the spot it was in before beginning to resuscitate it from decay and abandonment. That was actually a nice experience.

Next on my list is living in a hut for a few weeks.

It’s amazing, as nice as the wood finish looks from the outside, it doesn’t do the inside justice.

I went out of town recently. I saw deep forest and the roads were up and down. I totally plan a camping trip again.

Beautiful church! Is this in Finland?