Went the ER

I was delusional this morning, that a deity caused a storm in my sister’s town that blew trees down, caused power outages and damaged homes because she told me not to bother her anymore, call or text her. I was afraid to go outside because a lightening bolt may strike me next. It doesn’t seem rational I know.

I thought maybe the new heart medication was causing this and wanted wanted to ask a psychiatrist. They put me in lockdown for six hours then sent me home with a prescription for 1mg Risperdal, and only seven pills. I’m not going to take it because when I took it before I couldn’t function sexually.
I called my psych clinic’s emergency phone, and the medical assistant told me to call the cardiologist about it. I just going to stay at home.

I really think the cardiologist is getting kickbacks from the drug manufactures to prescribe these new and extremely expensive medications. I don’t think I’m going to start taking it again as i didn’t take my morning meds, eat anything, today. The hospital only gave me two small cups of water.

I’m fed up with it, and am going to stop taking all my meds except for the Abilify and Cymbalta. Stay at home for a week or two and not eat anything. To see if the delusions go away.

I’m feeling better this evening after not taking the ten or twelve prescriptions these doctors have me on. I think I’m going to report this to the FDA.

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You’re playing with fire when you don’t take your meds as prescribed. Good luck.


Ten or 12 prescriptions?

I wonder what that is all for.

At least maybe let them know and tell them you feel okay atm.

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Thanks @Zoe @77nick77

  1. Prescription Iron pills for anemia

  2. Prescription Vitamin D for Vitamin D deficiency

  3. Over the counter Prilosec for heartburn

  4. Tylenol for arthritis pain

  5. Cymbalta for depression

  6. Abilify for Sz

  7. Simvastatin for high cholestrol

  8. Lasix one cardiologist gave me for? heart

  9. Zovirax for herpes

  10. Glipizide for diabetes

  11. Lisinopril for high blood pressure

  12. Farxiga for ? Heart

  13. Entresto for ? Heart

Was TOLD by cardiologist to stop taking lisinopril for 36 hours before taking Farxiga & Entresto

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I don’t mean to upset anyone, but maybeni shouldn’t be posting right now because I’m not thinking right.

I’m not getting upset. You’re okay.

Hope you start to feel more better.

It’s an awful lot of meds I understand it must be difficult

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You’re fine. You didn’t say or do anything wrong. It’s ok to be here for support

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