Went out tonight

Went to a bar got a drink and tried talking to people. They were cool

Didnt really connect tho. My french isnt great and they spoke in mostly slang so it was hard to follow

Still had a good time and I didnt go overboard like I used to. For some reason when I was actually too into alcohol I was really good at guitar. Not sure why but my best guitar stuff was always when I got drunk and played. Maybe less inhibitions idk. For example this song @Jonnybegood and I made a couple months before I started recovery (@Cragger and @anon39054230 you guys might like this one):


Tu doit ameliorer ton français :grin:


Oui vraiment haha

Je peux parler avec les gens qui parle lentement mais pas trop vite avec les grand mots!


Great intro, man. Glad you got it and tipped a glass

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Thanks man! Yeah it wasnt a good time being drunk a lot back then but Im so much better now

Im starting to think it wasnt the alcohol that made it good now that I think of it, I think I just dont have Amplitube 4 anymore, that was my fav all time amp and cab emulator

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I’ve got a small Vox modelling amp now. It comes with all your effects, and about a dozen amp emulations. It sounds good down low for practice, as well as cranksed right up


Nicee vox makes great stuff. Their AC series sound clean as hell

Its easier for me to record line in with my audio interface since micing up an amp is a pain in my tiny ass apartment so I usually just use software.

I do have a fender 25 watt modelling amp tho also, which I rarely use since it annoys the neighbors lol


When I’m recording, yes I just go directly into the board and rely on VSTs. I’m lucky enough to be in the sticks so it doesn’t really bother anyone when I crank it

God I love guitar

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Same man, glad you have the opportunity to use a cranked amp, theres not much like it

Keep rockin! :guitar:

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