Went home early

I left school early today. My anxiety is awful. The whole lecture I felt like I was gonna burst. It was all I could to not have a panic attack. I have to work today so I decided to go home and try to relax and calm down before work. I’m paranoid. I got home and got really scared someone else was here. I had to check all the rooms and closets to make sure no one was hiding. On the way home the anxiety was so bad that I almost threw up. I started gagging but no puke.

I closed all the doors so that if anybody opens them to come out to the living room I’ll hear. It makes me feel a little safer.

Are you okay now?

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At the moment. I have a heating pad and it’s helping. I’m still not really ok overall though. But that doesn’t matter so much cause at the moment I’m more calm.

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