Went for TWO walks today

I had a terrible Sunday morning today. Actually it started last night when I dreamed I shot heroin and I was in a roomful of odd people. I shot heroin just 4 times in real life and it makes you sleepy so in the dream I was nodding out and then the cops came and someone told me I was going to prison. I woke up and I felt like I was high for about a minute and a half; weird and scary since I’m a recovering addict with 28 years clean.

Then I remembered Saturday morning I had accidentily taken my night meds instead of my morning meds by mistake(I have two weekly pill planners, one for morning, one for night). Whew, I felt terrible but the “high” feeling must have had something to do with taking the wrong meds so a least I had an explanation for the feeling. But yeah, I looked at the clock after the dream and it was 12:50 am. I got back to sleep then got up at 7:00 a.m. feeling tired and depressed.

The roommate was gone to church so I had a pancake breakfast, took my first bath in ten months (I take showers every morning), went out and vacuumed my car and wiped down the interior with some cleansing wipes and started to feel a little better. I called my step-mom to chat then I went to the park afterwards. It was kind of hot but I made 3 laps around the duck pond which was a mile total.

Then I went to my car and I was walking back and I remembered, “Oh man, I forgot to sit on a bench at the duck pond and relax and watch the fountain.” Well I was wasn’t going back so I drove thru Jack-in-the-Box for a meal and I remembered another park I used to live by so I went there to sit at the duck pond there on a bench and just watch the ducks and geese swimming, glancing around at the people. Two duck ponds in one day must be some kind of a record or something.

And then at 5:30 p.m. I drove to my sisters and me and my two sisters went to a park near her house and I walked about 2 1/2 miles with them. It was nice and afterwards we had dinner at my sisters house and my nephew was over and we had some nice conversation. And now I’m home and feeling a lot better than this morning. A productive day. I’m going to sleep good tonight!!


Glad you were able to turn it around @77nick77.
Lemonade not lemons.

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Thanks @eighteyedspy23.

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Glad you could turn it around and do something good for the day. I’ve taken the meds at the wrong time before and I do get weirded out. If I miss my morning antidepressant you really notice it. It isn’t a good feeling at all!

No one ever said it would be easy but glad your keeping on keeping on!


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