Went for my evening bicycle ride

It is quite cool now here in Finland. It is close to 10 celcius degrees. I went for my evening bicycle ride which was about 10 kilometers. It was nice, peaceful and beautiful. The sun sets after 11:00 p.m. and now as I write this it is totally light. I have planned to ride my bike 16 kilometers a day. That is 5840 kilometers a year, 3650 miles a year, the distance from Key West, FL to San Francisco, CA.


Groovy!!! Post photographs if you can of your travels, neato!

That’s a lot of miles. I live close to San Francisco, so I could travel the other direction towards Key West, FL.
Been awhile since I been on my bike, probably about a year now. Makes me want to pull it out of the garage and ride.
It’s 87 degrees F, sunny and warm…maybe I will wait until it cools down after dinner.

Please post some more pics mjseu, I love to see your town through your eyes.

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It is past the midnight already here and it is this light here, a photo from my place.


Fascinating. Do you sleep with blackout shades or can you sleep in the light?

Both, the light is no problem for me, I enjoy it.

So you’re about 10 hours ahead of me. Its 2:22 PM here. It get’s dark at 9:30 PM here.

I was there in San Francisco in August 2000. I had driven my Mazda 626 from Miami. Actually, I went to one Linux show in San Jose, but I stayed in my auto in the downtown of SF. In San Jose I briefly discussed with the Linux innovator Linus Torvalds. He commented that I had come from far when I told I came from Miami. But if he had known that I lived in that Mazda and had just spent my nights in SF and SJ in my auto, he might have had some other thoughts. Nights in SF in August can be a little cool, at least when I was there.

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I’m a linux guru myself, been at it since 1988, I’m starting to think that those of us in the linux world must be alittle nutty, I used to tell people that and gave it up for awhile :blush:

Wow, what a beautiful planet we live on!

San Francisco has that natural air conditioner called fog that starts rolling in from the ocean around 4Pm. Too bad it doesn’t reach where I live, but at least it will drop below 80 degreesF usually after 9 PM here.

Good for you. I spent all day pressing the refresh buttons on various forums. :laughing: