Went and saw some Broncos today

First time I have seen some at a dealership. They are kind of expensive. I used to have one.


my brother in law bought one, he ordered his, he was like the first person in his city to have one. dont know what it cost him.

These were $38,000 to $52,000. One of them was used and not a 4x4.

i know my brother in law loves his, it has replaced his harley for cruises with the top down when the weather is nice. i know his is 4x4, all terrain or whatever, and new, he specifically wants to go off roading with it, he has some trips planned i think.

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That’s a good looking truck!
A bit pricey in my opinion though.

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The 80 and 90 model Broncos were on an F150 chassis and had a V8. These things are tiny and have 4 bangers I think. The buffest one only tows 3500 pounds while the sport will only tow 2000 pounds.

Not enough of a truck for me. And I would pay no where near that much for a vehicle.

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