Welp, todays the day to see if I'm going to panic

As some of you may remember, I had a bit of a panic attack at guitar lesson last week. Got anxious when asked to read from music and play and panicked a bit. Well, today I have another guitar lesson again and it’s time to see if there is going to be repeat occurrence.

I’m really hoping that this was a one time deal. I used to have a touch of agoraphobia when I was younger and sometimes had these attacks when in certain situations.

I probably shouldn’t even be thinking about it and just go with the flow, but its on my mind since my lesson is in about 3 hours.

No worries though, I will power through regardless of whether I have one or not. I won’t let it rule me.

I grudgingly admit, that I have bought some sunglasses to assist me if I do start to panic. When I was younger I used them as a crutch in such situations. I only plan to use them if I have to.

I’m really hoping that it wont occur again.


Good luck, man. You’re right – try not to think about it and don’t let it rule you. Easier said than done, but my guess, is that last week was a one time thing. It’s a new day


Thanks @Tulane

Concentrate on playing your guitar. Take a deep breath. You’ll be okay . Hugs

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Thanks @roxanna

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I used to get panic attacks almost everyday growing up until my 40s

I would try not to worry about it and take things one step at a time

Good luck @Bowens

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Thanks @Wave .

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My attacks were a bit of an offshoot of panic attacks, they have to do with eye control. This is why it only occurred when I was forced to stare forward while being watched with instructor not in direct line of sight.

This is also why the sunglasses would probably help. It’s a little hard to explain but I think is a bit of a fear of losing control. When I am free to focus where I choose it isn’t an issue. I know, it’s odd.

Anyway, I had this issue sometimes in certain situations when I was younger and don’t want it to return.