Welp, I’ve done it now. TW thc

I may of gotten mom is stoned, and feeling no pain.

My mother has a bladder disease that causes open lesions to form on her bladder. It’s very painful, treated mainly by opioids. She doesn’t want to take any, I don’t blame her.

So I’ve talked her into trying some tincture drops for it. She’s taken 5mg of THC, and is giggling at nothing but herself, can’t stop smiling, munchies.

I’m going to send her back to bed, she can watch her true crime shows and rest. The drops are helping her. I’ve officially gotten my mom high.

What a world we live in.

Ps: I never thought she’d do it, but we both got tattooed together in Hawaii on a trip a few years back. The girl can still surprise me.


I’m just happy she’s feeling better.

And on only 5mg, that’s pretty nice.

Moms can be surprising for sure.

My mom gets me all the time.


Oh I just adore my mother.

Single mother and an only child, we come as a package pair.


how old r u guys?

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I’m 36 in two days, she’s 62

I turned 36 this year too,

Woohoo, 1985!

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Go figure, it was a good year for baby making. We’re the only good things to come from the 80’s. 90’s kid for life!


:triumph: I’m not having anyone disparaging the 80s !!


Yeah the 80’s were great. Madonna, Michael Jackson, INXS, U2, Blondie, Belinda Carlisle, Tina Turner. E.T., Star Wars, etc. Happiest time of my life.


Bah! You gen Xer’s



i’m two years older than you, and my mom is four years older than her, so we’re from the same eras.

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