Wellbutrin? Well snap!

Darn it all. Could have sworn I had one more bottle in the cupboard, but, apparently not. Trying to expedite an appointment to get my scrip re-upped.




Sorry, man.

Hope you can get your appointment soon!

Good luck! Does your doctor have an emergency off-hours number? They could call in an emergency script for like five or ten pills while they sort it out.

The pharmacy was out of my vistaril as well. :frowning: Hope we can both get our meds sorted.

It will take at least a week for me to really notice the difference. I’m also hoping the Amyloban will extend that a bit as my negatives are now dramatically lessened as well. I just hate messing with prescribed doses. Been so wrapped up in … stuff … that I lost track of this.

I have some extra here I’ll stuff it in through the computer

seriously though hope it’s not a problem for you. I always found non-APs less worrisome in situations like this.

Oh, I just feel like a dork. Also taking friendly fire from Mrs. Squirrel over it right now.


Mr squirrel what would you say if you had half siblings and they were out to harm you? Just because your dad was a sperm donor and a child molester.

I’m an only child. Regard it as a blessing.

No idea who my father is, never met him. Don’t know his name. He literally is just a sperm donor. My mom did have an unfortunate habit of dating child molestors, but, one has to keep moving forward.

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Blessing.lol. I wish my father wasn’t their bio. Thx squirrel. Good :night_with_stars: night

I think I’m going to quit hellbutrin


My bastardo doc makes you turn up for scripts now where you used to be able to ring him and get one posted to you. I think the current rate is $30 Australian. Like shite I’m going to really study my scripts and times when I see him now! I know it takes time out of his day but honestly…it’s all computerized now and if anything he needs to call through on a priority script. 50 cent phone call?


Preaching to the choir, mate. Same issue here.

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Are you still taking Amyloban? Do you think it’s effective for positive symptoms? TIA!

Are you getting enough ribbing about this online, too? I would send you some of mine. Found out the hard way that I’m allergic to it.

Got some more, I’m good.