Wellbutrin is helping but

My Primary Care Provider (PCP) prescribed me Valium 5mgs and Wellbutrin 150mgs XR and I can choose to increase it to twice a day if it doesn’t interfere with sleep. Im also taking Abilify 10mgs before bed. I feel like wellbutrin really started working for once, that maybe I hadnt been on high enough a dose before. But then my case worker for the psychiatrist called and left a voicemail saying my psychiatrist didnt want me taking wellbutrin, and to stop taking it. The wellbutrin and valium were for anxiety, panic attacks, weight loss, and unstable mood. It really really seemed to be working. It was getting me to smoke less cigarettes too.

So now I have to choose which doctor to listen to. My psychiatrist says is for mental health so I should leave it up to him to prescribe those types of meds. But I cant find another psychiatrist and Im not really happy with him. I feel upset all the time, I feel more manic on just abilify. I go through dizzy spells, feels passing out or panic attacks. Since starting welllbutrin that passing out panic feeling hasnt happened once at all for an entire week!!

I want to keep taking wellbutrin but my appointment isnt until the 23rd so I wont be able to talk to him unless i leave another voicemail and he decides to call me back.