Wellbutrin: I think I'm having a weird side effect

My doctor told me to up my dose today, so I did.

Ever since I took the higher dose, my ears are ringing and I feel a little dizzy because of it.

Does anyone know anything about this?

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No ear ringing on Wellbutrin but it made me sensitive to noise, even litttle noise and ppl talking bothered me.


It made me irritable too.


Yeah I had ear ringing constantly on welbutrin. I’m pretty sure it’s a common side effect

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Did it go away when you quit?

I have tinnitus so my ears are always ringing haha but Wellbutrin gave me horrible anxiety

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Yes it did go away after

I haven’t had anxiety, but I’m on a pretty heavy dose of benzos.

That’s probably helping.

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The only reason I could never take wellbutrin is that it makes my ears ring every time…I have tried different doses. I dont really need an anti-depressant, but if there was one that would be one other than the ear ringing, it didn’t do much else.

Also I never gave it much time because the ear ringing was pretty noticeable…I think the longest I have taken wellbutrin was two months?? not sure, the side effects were just too much for me.

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Wellbutrin set off my symptoms big time.

I ended up naked in the back yard chasing hallucinations of bunnies, thinking I had to nuke the sun to save the soul of humanity.

Wellbutrin effects dopamine.


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