Well, we all need money

Sometimes I think therapists aren’t of honorable motives, dragging their feet about us becoming self correcting. Just so they can guarantee us as part of their income.


lol im always surprised at what therapists cost, theyre kinda like chiropractors i guess. expensive and require many visits to actually make a change

Yes, it is a lot easier to have a mentor and learn as inexpensively as over a cup of coffee. I would not be willing to pay for a therapist out of my own pocket.

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yea same… im sure theyre great at what they do and maybe if i was well of id give therapy a try but…friends will have to do for now i suppose

i think they just kinda help you clearify your own thoughts anyways, like theyre good as a sounding board and helping you recognise thought patterns

It is real work if your therapist is really working. I can feel the benefit when they are really working with me. But most of them don’t put that much energy into us.

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consider how you’d feel if you were forced to go to therapy, you get upset about it naturally, and then they say I have a mood disorder haha.

I am required to have therapy because I live in adult foster care.

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