Well this is a very stupid question. I just need to be put in a chilled mood by drugs

So we are psychotic and weed will make us flip out and alcohol is a crappy drug anyways. too much side effects and the only advantage it has is that it’s legal and even that is no advantage if you look at the side effects and alcohol addiction is one of the worst.

So, as an always agitated psychotic person for whom no meds take away the agitation, or maybe as a person to begin with, or maybe as a person like any other person on the planet of earth with problems, I need to chill out sometimes. maybe twice or three times a week. how do i do THAT?

as we see weed and alcohol are bad choices. I’m not necessarily talking about illegal stuff. It may as well be medicine I could ask my doc to prescribe me or herbal stuff or supplements. and there are also legal “drugs”
benzos are not an option they are addictive.

cheerz. omid

you could maybe sniff a magic marker or perhaps some glue?

This may sound obvious, but have you tried relaxing without the aid of drugs/medication?
When I need to relax, I put on some relaxing music, such as classical music, and drink some herbal teas. You know, the flavoured ones, like lavender, Chamomile, etc. These work for me.
You’re right, taking weed or benzo’s isn’t a good idea. Find something you enjoy, like painting or gardening. Something you can get lost in for a few hours.

if you take out most if not all sugars you will not take your mind and body on a roller coaster ride, which sugar does.
alcohol is partly sugar does the same thing.
good vitamins like the ’ b ’ group of vitamins have a chill out effect.
walk in nature.
joining a gym will get rid of your aggression.
take care

Try taking a relaxing warm bath. Light some candles and listen to relaxing music on the stereo.

I’ve been addicted to alcohol and morphine. It was no fun to quit, I thought I’d die a couple of times… I’ve been sober since feb 20, 2010 And morphine free since aug 2010.

Vitamin B is very calming

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