Well the cold snap is nearly done

By tomorrow they will lift the extreme cold warning. This week will still be cold but totally bearable. By next week the weather will be balmy according to Manitoba winter standards lol.

My cousins kids live in Arkansas and apparently they had a dusting of snow. She took a picture of her kids all bundled up in winter jackets and put a bulletin up on Facebook of her work that said because of the inclimate weather it was acceptable to be up to 4 hours late for work. Oh I just about died laughing! It can be a blizzard here and if the highways don’t close (trust me…if they close them they are completely impassable) work tells you that you better be at work.

Anyway I’m glad the cold snap is ending.


At my old job if you had to walk barefoot in 12 feet of snow to get to work on time you better do it. I never called off cos of weather. I always just left for work early.

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The only time I called in cuz of weather we had gotten 3 feet of snow and the plows hadn’t come by. I got completely stuck in the road right outside my driveway, and spent an hour shoveling enough to get back in the driveway.

And work was like “you sure you can’t come in?”

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Where I am from in North Carolina we’d close down for a dusting. But we’d get sheets and sheets of ice, too. Like an inch thick. It’s bad driving in that.

But my husband was driving in NC on snowy roads. We got pulled over. The cop asked if we knew that driving was discouraged. Then he looked at my husband’s New York license and went, " Oh. This is nothing to you. Carry on."

I just laughed.


What does your husband’s license show? Is he in the military or something?

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Whoops. I forgot to say NEW YORK license. Gonna fix that now.


Oh ok! Makes sense now

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Next week the highs will be around -5°c/23°f and most people will just be wearing hoodies or spring jackets. After this cold snap that’s going to feel really warm. My daughter will be happy. She hates wearing her parka.

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