Well that's the last time I buy that pulled pork with barbecue sauce

I’ve put it in the oven .It’s a tiny amount for £3.99/$5.15. I had hoped to have it over 2 days.


I know what you mean.
I bought a large container of sliced turkey cuts and it turned out to be too thick and rubbery.
Not going to eat them.

It was not a very big portion, but I’ve saved enough for tomorrow. If I’m honest I’m not a good judge of amounts.

I bought a personal pizza and it ended up being half the size of the box it came in. was very disappointed

if you had a slow cooker you could have cooked more in a nice bbq sauce

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I’ve got a slow cooker . The pulled pork came in a box. I’m not sure you can get loose pulled pork. There is a bigger box but it’s £5.99.

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if you just cook the pork and pulled it apart yourself would that work? idk, i’d have to google how to make pulled pork in a slow cooker lol

This suggests a pork shoulder.

Perfect slow cooker pulled pork recipe - All recipes UK.

Might be costly buying all the ingredients.

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We make our own pulled pork using a shoulder, as suggested. We use a seasoning packet (I think by McCormick), and it is amazing!!!

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how much does it cost for a shoulder of pork and a seasoning packet?

Sainsbury 1-1.24 kg £3.60
1.25- 1.49 kg £4.32

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how many servings would you get though? lol

BBQ is really big where I am from, especially pulled pork. It’s good for sandwiches. There’s a mustard-based sauce that i really like. I think it is a regional thing where i’m at.

It made enough for three people to eat three times. I don’t know how much it cost; my husband does the shopping now.

i’m making a curry atm, i have diced beef and i put the sauce in for the last 2hrs, the smell is a bit unsettling though idk why,

and i’m not sure if a packet meal would have been cheaper lol

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