Well, ok, but when we were pre-teen, my brother Ronnie, and neighbor girl, Janine, raced barefoot down the street, and it was a tie

I see, mostly, nothing wrong with transgender being in female sports.

please delete if this is against the rules on hot topic issues we shouldn’t discuss.

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Trans women have to go through so much testing to make sure they’re testosterone levels are a certain place and their estrogen levels are a certain place before they’re allowed to compete anyways. They’re at a huge disadvantage compared to other women. They have to condition so much more to overcome the high levels of estrogen they’re required to have. Where a lot of top athletes are there because they naturally have higher testosterone in some cases.


that’s good info, right there, thanks.

it’s mainly showing up now, the debate, in my state high school sports.

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The other MAJOR problem with banning transgender athletes in school-level sports is that they are proposing genital inspections of child athletes. And I think we can all agree that forcing a child to get naked in front of an official in order to play on a team with their friends is NOT okay.

Bedsides which, it is VERY common for female puberty to happen 5 or so years earlier than male puberty. I knew LOADS of cisgender guys in high school who had barely started puberty by senior year. The average cisgender girl will be far more developed than the average trans girl through most of childhood/adolescence.

Besides which, many trans teenagers are taking puberty blockers until they turn 16, at which time they can legally decide to go through the correct puberty for them. Since graduation is happening at age 17-18 in most cases, that does not leave much time for them to catch up, especially considering that most endocrinologists will start hormones out VERY slowly so as to not shock the body.


I wrestled in high school. Had to make weight. Had to drop my drawers on the scale to make weigh in several times. So did everyone else.it’s not uncommon. Every ounce counts.

Just underwear made the difference more than once. I guess you could always go run some more and lose more water weight but you run out of time to do this. Weigh in is usually only an hour or two.

yeah that’s truth, or what they put it in milk growing up.

not to keep talking about us, but my brother dropped out of basketball because he thought he was too short, then grew 3 inches in 11th grade.

He never went back though.

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can I ask what weight you were at?

I used to see those young guys wearing sweatshirt in the sauna.

how did they not pass out?

I used to run with trash bags under my sweats. Made you sweat more. I wrestled 105 as a freshman. 119 as a sophomore. 132 as a junior and 138 as a senior. Everyone wrestles the lowest weight class they can make. It’s more competitive.

well, it’s for a purpose, I suppose, but longer disposition on eating disorder.

I’m not trying to offend. The spunky ones? yeah, like little race cars, ha.

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It’s not healthy but that’s what athletes do. The day before weigh in I would just eat one apple. All day long. Of course after weigh in everyone pigs out.

you can brag if you want, your successes.

I did lots of running, but I never limited my diet. just whatever the body could do.

My parents owned a vending machine business when I was in high school. I drive the cookie van to wrestling meets. It was full of candy bars, chips and cakes. The team loved me. We would all go raid the van after weigh in.

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that’s great! hopefully Ding-Dongs, ha.

Yea. Everything Hostess. We were athletes but still kids.

This is now illegal and considered child endangerment. Athletes are not allowed to cut weight anymore.


It was common practice in my day. It was only men and boys in the locker room. Still I had one friend who cried when he had to do it. The coach made everyone leave the locker room and made him do it. He made the weight though.

I am sure wrestlers and fighters still do it.

It was banned my brother’s senior year. He was on the varsity wrestling team. Kids had an average weight taken at a few times a year, and then just stayed in that class. They had to be fully clothed when they were weighed. Well I’m sure some kids did privately try to cut weight before those weigh-ins, they were officially encouraged not to do so and it was not a public spectacle the way it had been previously. Too many kids had heart attacks and died of dehydration because of trying to make weight.

But bringing the topic back around, one of the best wrestlers on the varsity team was a girl. She had to fight a lot of school admins to be allowed to play a boy’s sport, but was ultimately allowed.


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